Little Bits of Christmas

Over the last few weeks I have gradually been decorating Button Patch house for Christmas.

The newest addition to this years Christmas traditions is this Wooden Advent Train.  It has been a great deal of fun to have and every morning little button finds the appropriate draw.  I have been filling it with little finger puppets, wooden beads, and golden coins.  No surprises when I say the golden coins have been the biggest hit.  Chocolate in the morning before breakfast can only mean it's Christmas!

The tree is looking very twinkly and traditional with red and white decorations.  I was very proud of myself for not being too controlling by letting Little Button decorate it.  I even managed to wait until she was in bed to rearrange a few so that we didn't have all our decorations at 2 feet. 

Out Christmas angel is looking over us with her cheery smile and crazy curly hair for another year.

Christmas cooking is well on its way. I have pre-prepared and frozen the cranberry port sauce, stuffing, sausage rolls and bread sauce.  I have done this with the hope that it may take the pressure off on the day.  Today I made our family's favourite 'Coconut, chilli and pumpkin soup' ready to freeze and then we'll have this for Boxing Day lunch.  Its warming, wholesome and spicy which is exactly what I need to eat after an indulgent Christmas day.

On the twin pregnancy I'm doing OK.  I am feeling heavy. I now surround myself with a nest of pillows at night and I have to plan how to roll over onto my other side.  I do feel tired and often grab a nanna nap at about 3 in the afternoon.  I can now feel my belly resting on my lap when I drive - eek.  My stomach is constantly moving and there is very rarely a time when it is still.  It is the most amazing experience and I can only marvel at how my body is coping with this extra pressure at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. ok, I'm coming to you for Christmas! You are very organised! Unlike myself. AT this rate we'll be having cheese on toast for lunch, but as my vile mother in law is coming, I don't care! I could cook something fabulous and she'd still find fault. The old bat!

    rest well - if possible! x

  2. forgot to say how gorgeous everything looks :o) x



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