The Smell of Christmas

I have been stuffing (must find a better description) my fabric hearts with cloves this week and the cottage smells delicious. Once completed I have been storing the hearts in sealed boxes which I have filled with cinnamon sticks, cloves and a small piece of fabric soaked in vanilla essence and the smell when I open the box is what I associate with Christmas and winter. Its warm, cosy, sweet and spicy. So on top of the cloves inside the hearts the fabric is also absorbing the smell of the other winter spices in the box.

As we get nearer to Christmas I'm going to dot these hearts all around our cottage. On door handles, shelves and on the Christmas tree so that this welcoming smell will gently fill the air.

I have also put some of them for sale on eBay.

A real bonus for all my creations is that the shelves in our home are looking very interesting and something new is added to them every day.

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